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Columbus Bar Bites

Bar Bites

How do you like your bar bites? Cheese? Cheese & Bacon? Pretzels? Vegetarian friendly? Whatever your preference, we have a variety of delicious bar bites made to satisfy hungry customers from all around.

Columbus Entrees


Here at Pub Mahone there is more than Irish pub for watching the local Columbus games whenever they are on. Our cooks have developed an incredible menu of Irish mainstays such as Cottage Pie, Corned Beef and Cabbage, and others that are available, some all day and others with specific celebrations. However, we make sure that everyone who walks in the door will receive an incredible taste fulfillment.

Columbus Irish Tapas

Irish Tapas

If you've never tried a Reuben sandwich before--or even if you have--why not go for the best? We also offer other appetizers like Irish Eggrolls, Curry Steak & Vegetables, and smoked Salmon Boxty. Have it just the way you like it!

Columbus Sides


Being a celebratory Irish pub here in Columbus, we have made sure to create an enhanced appetizer menu to apply to all the groups looking to watch and celebrate the local games. The sides here at Pub Mahone are one of the items for which we are best known.